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Things To Do

Dining out

 Some great places to eat in North Myrtle Beach include:


Besides hanging out on Cherry Grove Beach, some great things to do in North Myrtle Beach include:

Other Notable Items:

Beach Regulations in North Myrtle Beach areas

Golf Cart Rentals

Traffic can be a challenge especially on the weekends when vacation rentals are turning over.  Save yourself the hassle and rent a golf cart to get around more efficiently in the local area.

  • Salty fryes golf carts
  • Ajax golf carts                                                                                                                                Please be aware that even golf carts need to pay for parking.  Most lots take cash or reserved on the Passport Parking app.


Begin your vacation the moment you arrive and avoid the lines at the grocery stores.  Have your food delivered prior to your arrival by using either. 

 Alternatively, Boulineaus is about a mile away and has everything you will need.

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